Our mission...

To collaborate with others in order to create possibilities and opportunities for all people.

About us

Since our beginning in 1999, Consulting That Makes A Difference, Inc. (CMDI) has been supporting and collaborating with schools, organizations, individuals and families in order to create and foster meaningful educational and recreational experiences for people with disabilities.



We consult with and support people to create accessible environments and experiences for everyone. We offer strategies and suggestions in order to ensure the positive inclusion of all people. We customize our services to the needs of our clients and the people they support.

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  • picture“A peaceful world is an inclusive world.”
  • picture“Without diversity life would be very boring.“
  • picture“Together we succeed.”

“People are either included or excluded. One cannot be a little bit pregnant or a little bit included (like the myth of "inclusive" recess or lunch). One is either "in" or "out". One either belongs or doesn't belong. If we exclude people, we are programming them for the fight of their lives - to get in and to belong.”

    --- Marsha Forest & Jack Pearpoint

"Real inclusion only comes when communities, programs and individuals look beyond a person’s disabilities and see their right to belong.”

    --- Loretta Butler-Turner

"Schools that include everyone promote harmony along with an appreciation for the differences that mark us individually and culturally. Segregation fosters unfamiliarity, distrust and disrespect, breeding grounds for harassment and bullying – among kids and countries."

    --- Helen Henderson